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Hey there! I'm a video game streamer/content creator who's been around the internet since 2007. Starting my content creating venture with really horrible AMV-type videos set to Daft Punk, I've gone on to create live streams, Let's Plays, and heavily edited highlight videos for my buddies, as well as anyone else who I hope would find them entertaining.I've streamed on Ustream, BlogTV,, and now have a home on Twitch. I play a variety of video games ranging from first and third person shooters, to stealth games, to simulation/strategy games like Cities: Skylines. Side-scrolling action games are welcome as well!Feel free to check some of my trash out. Links are above this panel if you haven't already noticed, stoopid.The site is garbo for the moment, and for that I apologize. It’s been a while since I’ve faffed around with Dreamweaver (and it’s about all I can really manage using for the moment. So until I hire someone to make something better, or I git gud, this’ll do.
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